Sometimes family circumstances change and you need to adapt a property to meet the needs of elderly or disabled family members. At S A Davies Sustainable Construction we have the expertise to guide you through this process. Whether you need to adapt an existing room or require a purpose built extension, we can help.

One of the main rooms of the house that needs to be altered to cater for disabled or infirm clients is the bathroom. Just a few simple changes such as grab handles, shower seats and walk in showers can make all the difference and allow a less-able person to live an independent life. Our experience with the building trade means we have gained a real insight into the things that make everyday life easier to manage.

It’s all in the detail- doors the right width to cope with a wheelchair, light switches and electrical sockets in easy accessible places, slip resistant floors in the bathroom and a manageable outside access to and from the property. All these things can make a huge difference to the quality of someone’s life. We know every disabled adaption is a bespoke design and should be tailored to the needs of the individual.